Gold Wing Türkiye



Dear Friends,

The “ABOUT US” article for GOLD WING TURKEY can only be assessed by considering the brief history of GOLD WING, its past in our country and the club organization movements both in the world and Turkey.

GOLD WING is a very special and super class motorbike that was actualized with the design of HONDA AMERICA in 1975. Its engine, firstly designed as a 4-cyclinder unit, then was transformed to a boxer 6-cyclinder, injected power unit. It may be said that, GOLD WING is a motorbike adaptation of the American THINK BIG philosophy. Besides of this wonderful giant motorbike of HONDA, other motorbike manufacturers also participated in that adventure, however until today, only GOLD WING has been continuously developed and become prominent. Among the models produced by other manufacturers in that segment, we can count VENTURE ROYAL by YAMAHA, VOYAGER by KAWASAKI, CAVALCADE by SUZUKI, KLT by BMW and ELECTRA GLADE by HARLEY DAVIDSON. LEGENDARY design GL 1500 I, A and SE series, which have been manufactured between 1988-2000 and enabled GOLD WING to ascend the leadership throne within its own class, has been honored with the name of “KING WING” and has gained the right of being ranked among the classics. At present, it has a big fan base all around world. That giant motorbike with boxer 6-cyclinder power unit has been manufactured as GL 1800 since 2001 and experiences the justified pride of being leader in big tour motorbikes class.

Our country met with GOLD WING in 1988 and in that period, GOLD WING motorbikes were imported to our country in a limited number. HONDA TURKEY, responsible for manufacturing, importation and marketing of HONDA private cars and importation and marketing of HONDA motorbikes was established in 1992 under the title of Anadolu Honda Otomobilcilik A.Ş. HONDA is continuing its activities in our country since January 2003 as HONDA TURKIYE A.Ş under 100% HONDA MOTOR CO. capital. Thanks to regular importation of HONDA TURKEY, GOLD WING’s on our roads have begun to increase and since 2003, regular sales of GOLD WING GL 1800 model continue. Some of the first GOLD WING drivers between 1988-1992 in Turkey were as follows; Berati AKAR is the person for whom the first GOLD WING was brought in his name. Besides to, Ahmet AKDAG who passed away in 2011, Cemil BAHADIR, Sina AFYONERI, Ali Haydar S. ILERI and Levent BAKI were the first GOLD WING drivers.

Levent GONDUR, Kahraman OZTURK, Murat MESTUT, Cihat ERATA and Feza HAZNEDAR are the persons who joined to that adventure in following periods and still continue. (We apologize from whom we forget their names).

Many GOLD WING Clubs, mainly in U.S.A, continental Europe, Germany and in all around the world continue their activities. GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Rider Association) in America and GWEF (Gold Wing European Federation) in Europe are the institutionalized framework organizations of these clubs. Only in Germany, there are about 80 GOLD WING clubs and these 80 clubs gather under GWFD (Gold Wing Federation Deutschland) framework. The first club organization movement was “OMM” in 1966 under the leadership of Paolo VOLPARA, Levent BAKI and Feza HAZNEDAR. This group, which was established with contributions of Sinan SEZER, Kerem UNAL, Feza HAZNEDAR, Selim KARADAG, Cemil IHSANTURKER (we remember him with mercy and grace) and Armagan AK continued its activities in 1988 for various purposes. Today, it gives service to the motorbikers under title of “OMM RIDERS ACADEMY“ for purpose of teaching excellent riding techniques. The first GOLD WING meeting with broad participation in Turkey was realized in Istanbul, Sile in May, 1999, with participation of 26 GOLD WINGS. Upon suggestions and studies of Feza HAZDEDAR, our recent LOGO and group name was accepted. The foundation of our group, whose core members had gathered before, were laid in 1999 and since that time GOLD WING TURKEY family has realized many trips both inside and outside of the country. As long as our trips, which we have realized with our wives, being the source of inspiration for many motorbike lovers, we become very happy and proud.

Our THASSOS Island trip, suggested by a Greek friend in 1996, has become one of our traditional trips.

We are very happy as we have caused this pretty and green Greece Island that was not known well before to be a center of attention for the Turkish motorbike lovers. At present, THASSOS Island is not only visited by motorbike lovers but also by many our citizens.

During our 15th THASSOS MEETING in 2011, the Mayor of the Island organized a ceremony for us because of the contributions we made for introduction of the island, presented a plaque to our group and this event took place in the local press. The TRADITIONAL “ GWTR “ GOLD WING TURKEY THASSOS meeting is open to all GOLD WING riderss and has an international identity. Our GOLD WING friends ride from Greece, Bulgaria, Slavonia, Macedonia, Italy and Germany and attend to our THASSOS MEETING.

ALP MOUNTAINS and EUROPE trips and other trips in various regions of our country, our meetings at weekends and in special days are the activities we like to be together and enjoy to share with our wives and families.

Our members, mainly our chairman Levent BAKİ, participated in many GLOD WING activities organized abroad and brought 7 different awards and plaquets in various categories to our country. We preserve these awards and plaquets with proud and care.

GOLD WIND TURKEY, a very tight and warm family with its solidarity for more than 20 years, is now at an emulated point. We would like to thank to all our friends who enabled us to experience this justified proud and to our families who never refrained to support us. We would like to thank you for your sincere concern to GOLD WING TURKEY family and our page. Hoping to meet with all of our friends whose path will cross with GOLD WING one day somewhere, we wish you healthy, peaceful and enjoyable years with many kilometers on your GOLD WINGS.

With our Loves and Respects,

“ GWTR “

From President,

I had my first GOLD WING in May, 1990 and I have never made concession to my GOLD WING adventure for about a quarter century. In the same year, we realized our first oversea trip with my wife on our GOLD WING. In 1996, with initiation of my dear friend PAOLO VOLPARA, we realized our first group trip (Serap-Paolo VOLPARA GL 1500 SE, Berrin-Feza HAZNEDAR GL 1500 A, Nilufer-Cihat ERATA GL 1500 SE, Bengi-Levent BAKI GL 1500 SE) to Europe (Greece, Italy, Austria, France and Spain) with our GOLD WINGS. In following periods, I inspired my motorbike love to my friends and we realized many trips to Alp Mountains and European countries on GOLD WING, we rode about 300.000 km and visited many countries, met many people and established new friendships. At the beginning of 1990’s, with Sina AFYONERI and motorbike friends, we organized the first GOLD WING start competitions under name of GROUP LUX category, in 400 meter DRAG competitions on Edirne highway under construction and coast road. I should state that I keep my first prize cup and medals with proud.

When in 1995, my dear friend Paolo VOLPARA introduced to me the peaks of ALP MOUNTAINS in North Italy, I changed the routes of my trips completely. The ALP MOUNTAINS, extending from east of Italy to France, with the routes I developed further, have become the idol of many motorbikers today.

I would like to thank to my dear wife who unconditionally supported me in my adventure and never left me alone and to all my friends in my country and in other countries.

With my Loves and Respects to all GOLD WINGERS,

Levent BAKİ